Molecular Mom Episode 11: Cross Country Moving

Molecular Mom update on current career move and relocating across country for the second time within 3 years.

Molecular Mom Minisode 7: Interview with Mark Adams

Molecular Mom discusses vaccination myths and the importance of vaccination for public health with Henry County, Ohio Health Commissioner, Mark Adams.

Molecular Mom Episode 10: ABB Exam Results

Molecular Mom reveals her ABB – American Board of Bioanalysis high complexity lab director (HCLD) board exam results. To become board certified as a high complexity CLIA lab director, she had to pass a General Knowledge section (labor laws, lab regulations, OSHA, quality assurance, laboratory safety, hazardous substances, etc) in addition to one specialty exam. For her, that was the Molecular Diagnostics exam.

Molecular Mom Episode 9: "Have a Nice DNA" Book Review

"Have a Nice DNA" is a children's educational book that is one of the four books from the "Enjoy Your Cells Series" published by Cold Spring Harbor.

Molecular Mom Episode 8: Appendicitis

Molecular Mom discusses her most recent family scare of her son having a ruptured appendix, or appendicitis. She goes into detail of what appendicitis actually is, one of the most frequent medical emergencies in pediatrics.

Molecular Mom Minisode 6: Interview with Kristen Kehrer

Molecular Mom interviews Kristen Kehrer, founder of Data Moves Me, and LinkedIn 2018 Top Voices. Watch to find out more about her journey of being a woman in mathematics!

Molecular Mom Episode 7: Reflections Post Board Exam

Molecular Mom's experience her first time taking the ABB(HCLD) General Knowledge and Molecular Diagnostics Board Exams.

Molecular Mom Minisode 5: Interview with Jennifer Head, PhD

Molecular Mom interviews Jennifer Head, PhD, who specializes in Microbiology Immunology. She went from Academia to the Regulatory industry and how the move has impacted her career!

Molecular Mom Minisode 4: Interview with Founder/CEO

Molecular Mom discusses the path to becoming an entrepreneur as a woman with Empresaria Consulting founder/CEO, Katherine Bourcy, PhD.

Molecular Mom Episode 6: Epigenetics

Molecular Mom discusses epigenetics. Changes to the DNA that do not affect the underlying sequence of the DNA, but none the less are capable of being inherited.

Molecular Mom Episode 5: Birth Control

Does genetics play a role in the effectiveness of hormonal birth control?

Molecular Mom Episode 4: Medication Response Test

In the midst of studying for the board exam, Molecular Mom takes time to discuss Pharmacogenomics, otherwise known as Medication Response Testing.

Molecular Mom Minisode 3: Interview with CSO at MicrobiomeDX


Molecular Mom interviews with Chief Scientist at MicrobiomeDX, Christina van Lier, PhD who is a woman in science and an expectant mother of a new baby girl! She is not only a great scientist, she is a great friend who is extremely knowledgeable in Infectious Disease. 

Molecular Mom Episode 3: Carrier Screening

Carrier screening is beneficial to women of childbearing age. Molecular Mom breaks down carrier screening and gives her take on it! Like, share and engage with us, we would love to hear your thoughts!

Molecular Mom Minisode 2: Interview with Director at GX

Interview with the Director of Genetic Services at GX Sciences, Mary Beth Sykes, MB(ASCP) about her career path in clinical diagnostics and being a mom of 2 boys, one of which with special needs.

Molecular Mom Minisode 1: Interview with COO at SagaNatura

Interview with COO at SagaNatura, Lilja Kjalarsdottir, PhD about her education and career path, and how she balances her successful career in the nutriceuticals industry with being a mom of 2 boys, a wife, and staying fit.

Molecular Mom Episode 2: Inspiration

Find out what inspired the Molecular Mom, Dr. Amanda Natalizio, PhD, to pursue a career in STEM, who she admired and how she got there!

Molecular Mom Episode 1: Introduction

It’s official! Molecular mom’s first video is up and just in time for International Women’s Day! Follow, like, and share with us to promote #balanceforbetter #IWD2019 and of course #molecularmom! We look forward to creating awareness, educating and discussing topics important to YOU!