Molecular Mom Story

Who is the Molecular Mom?


The Molecular Mom represents women for life balance. She embodies women in science through her career in STEM, family and physical health. Get to know The Molecular Mom herself, Dr. Amanda Natalizio, through educational videos in which she weighs in on important topics that matter to YOU!

Join us


Join The Molecular Mom on this journey of science, education, and fitness too! Interact with our posts, videos and live outings. Lastly, Molecular Mom wants to engage with fellow working moms in any career field. If a topic is important to you, connect with us, we will include it in our video line up.

Where it matters?


The Molecular Mom strives to educate and communicate with women in science and working the life balance just as she is! Whether it be educating our younger generations through school, chatting through our social channels or giving back to the community, Molecular Mom is doing it all. Community outreach will be another strong focus so stay tuned for updates!